Monday, October 14, 2019

Episode 8: Mysteries of Shoal Creek

Hey guys! Been busy with ghost tours and Nerd Nite, but I've been putting together the research for the next episode (and I ordered a new mic! Hurrah!) In the meantime, listen to Episode 8 on the Mysteries of Shoal Creek if you haven't already! Shoal Creek has so many stories, both with verifiable records and other things are the stuff of legend. Verifiable records include bodies that were buried along the banks, most of which were dug up and placed in proper cemeteries...but not were found. Other stories are from the famous writer, O.Henry, who went on a treasure hunt looking for gold buried at Shoal Creek. These stories and others keep the mystery alive around this lovely trail, especially when you walk after dark (at your own risk, of course!) 
Be back soon with new mic and new story!

1 comment:

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